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For media planning, numerous data sources and analysis tools are provided which require users not only to have basic media knowledge, but also – and to an increasing extent – to possess specific, detailed knowledge and skills.
SPIEGELQCsupports its clients and agency partners by providing ongoing training on the interconnected themes of market, media and ad impact research, as well as strategic media planning. From user training right up to a comprehensive planning workshop, measures of all kinds can be structured and implemented.
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Nielsen advertising statistics

The Nielsen advertising statistics describe the gross expenditure in classical media as well as the Internet, cinema, direct mail, at-retail mail and transport media. They facilitate in-depth analyses of advertising campaigns on all of the German advertising market's classical media. The data are gathered from the perspective of what was promoted, by whom, on what market, how, where, when and for what amount.
In addition to advertising expenditure, all the other details of an advertising campaign can be analysed: the form of advertising, motif text, number of placements, ad length, ad format, ad colour, number of commercials/commercial break, position of commercial break, magazine side, magazine issue and so on.
The advertising statistics encompass some 309,000 products, over 143,000 companies and more than 3,000 advertising media.

Frequency of publication: monthly.
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IVW print:

The IVW makes objectively-gathered dissemination data for the respective advertising vehicles available to advertising and media planners and provides assurance for advertising clients with regard to the realisation of their contractual performance in accordance with their contracts. In this way it also facilitates fair competition among the media.

Frequency of publication: monthly.

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IVW online

IVW Online monitors the performance of online advertising vehicles. It ascertains the number of times users access web pages. In doing so, it records for individual websites the aggregate number of pages (page impressions) called up by users and the aggregate number of incidences of use (visits). What is more, the category visits also provide information about how many individual visits were made over the course of a month to website sections which are delimited content-wise.

Frequency of monitoring: monthly

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